Love Story of the Month [1]


Directed by: Cristina Isoli




Origin: UK  Genre: Romantic Comedy, Short


Sean (Andy Steed) is a quirky musician, who has just moved to London. During an early morning quest for coffee, he meets Summer (Genevieve Barr), a deaf girl who dreams of becoming a pilot. When she loses her keys at a traffic light, the two develop an awkward affection for each other, as they open up about their dreams and future projects. CLICK HERE for the winners of this month’s Love Hearts!


Despite holding an MS in Political Science (University of Padua, Italy), Cristina Isoli’s true passion has always been for film. In 2009, she moved permanently to London to pursue this passion and, two years later in 2011, she co-founded Avant-Garde Pictures, with filmmaker and close collaborator, Giacomo Mantovani. Together they have produced multiple award-winning shorts, which have screened worldwide at international film festivals.

2018 sees the release of Cristina’s debut as writer/director with the short film LIGHTNING, which stars BAFTA-nominated deaf actress Genevieve Barr.  She states: 

“The story is a fresh, young, romantic comedy narrated in a linear fashion, where the events develop during the course of a week. I shot the whole film with 3 smartphones, OnePlus 5. Not only are they able to shoot outstanding 4K videos but, with the right apps their cameras, can be upgraded to professional quality, with full manual controls, such as focus and exposure.  They also allow a fast turnaround that makes it easier to shoot in small and constricted spaces.”

Previous films that Cristina has produced using mobile tech have achieved great results, such as “Plastic Garbage”, which was nominated for Best Documentary at the Momo Film Festival in Zurich, Switzerland.

Congratulations to the LIGHTNING team! The short has been officially selected for the inaugural LOVE STORY Film Festival, 2019. 









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